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This season's mantra:

"Rebirth is possible."

Meet Jenny

   I am a whole person.  I believe we are all born whole and then get lost in our form.  I am here to guide you back to your light and help you become whole again.

    Broken-Better is who I am as a mother.  I came from a broken mother and strive to do better.  I use the tools of mindfulness and spirituality to break the cycle of abuse and neglect I endured as a child to not repeat the unconscious behaviors on my kids.  To be a better parent does not mean you have to work hard at doing anything. It is more about how we decide to be with ourselves and our family.  When we approach parenting in this way, we can help heal the wounds of our own childhood.  I created Broken-Better as a place for all to come receive simple tips to lead a more mindful life.  

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