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My Favorite Kitchen Tools


Eating a healthier diet requires expanding your appliances and other cooking tools.  We need more tools because we will rely less on prepackaged foods as well as processed foods. The following is a list of appliances and tools I use often and make my life easier.  I have provided links whenever possible for you.  

  • The first thing on this list has to be parchment paper.  Gluten-free and vegan baking is not easy and can have some sticky moments.  Before eating this way, I used AirBake cookie sheets and never had an issue.  Now, I use standard cookie sheets always lined with parchment paper.   I will often use parchment paper to line casserole dishes as well, if I am worried about burning.  And it is really helpful when trying to roll out gluten-free dough.  I put the dough between two sheets and roll it out that way.   I just used to buy Kirkland brand from Costco, but prefer this brand because it works just as well but is better for the Earth. 

  • Every cook needs a good microplane.  I have had my OXO one for over 10 years.  I use it to zest citrus and garlic all the time.  


  • My Express Crockpot is something I use almost daily.  It is the perfect size for my family four and I always have leftovers to freeze.  I use it cook dried beans, rice, soups, sauces, chili and steam veggies quickly.  It is easy to use and clean.  I think it makes cooking rice so much easier and have seriously forgotten how to do it on the stove.  I like it better than a regular crockpot because of all the other quick cooking options.  

  • I had my original Cuisinart food processor for over ten years before I recently upgraded to the elemental.  I was able to get mine at Costco and it included the spiralizer, which the link on amazon does not.  But the one on amazon has the dicing attachment and mine does not.  So I guess it is up to you what you are looking for.  I recommend getting a Cuisinart with the attachments you would use most often.  I use mine to make hummus, salsas, nut/seed butters, zoodles, and to slice veggies nice and thin for different meals. 

  • I use this Breville juicer every day and sometimes twice a day.  When I first decided to go down the Medical Medium path of healing, I needed a juicer but was hesitant.  The juicer I had in the past was not efficient and hard to clean.  This juicer is great.  It comes with a brush to clean it and most of the parts are dishwasher safe.  It is also a cool juicer, meaning that the juice is still just as cold as the fruit or vegetable was before juicing making it fresher.  

  • This Cuisinart hand blender makes blended soups, mashed cauliflower and mashed potatoes easier. The handle is nice and long so I do not burn myself, it is easy to clean and comes with a mini food processor which is good for making salsas. 

  • When I first started making shakes on a regular basis I had a nutribullet but the motor burned out and also the seals were removable and would leak.  I wouldn't recommend one.  I now have a Njina and haven't had any issues with it.  I use it to make shakes, but also to make cashew cream. It is also really easy to clean.  I actually don't own a blender, between this and my food processor I am set. 

  • I used to want a stand up Kitchen-aid mixer.  It was on every cooking show I watched and came in such pretty colors so when my hand mixer died, I did some research.  For the baking I do, and the appliances I already have this hand-mixer is perfect.  It is easy to clean and very sturdy.  It is also much quieter than the one I had in the past.  I use this for almost all of my baking.