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Parent Toolbox




Kids Yoga

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Health Websites:

Health Concerns

Dr. Sears is my go to for all infant and kid health questions. 

Alternative Health

Medical Medium Anthony William is my go to source for natural remedies for my kids.



Not only is my friend Shea a doula, but also a mother of three and my go to essential oil expert.

Spiritual Books:


Pete The Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

  I recommend any and all Pete the Cat books.  Pete is mindful of his friends, family and a very calm and zen character.  In this book, he keeps losing buttons but he never cries.  This is a wonderful lesson on living in the moment and being resilient. 

Christmas Gift

The Gift of Nothing

Mooch the very sweet and cute kitty wants to get his best friend Earl the dog a gift but Earl has everything.  This book teaches the lesson of love and presence. 

Colorful Book Spines

The Harry Potter Series

We started this series with our daughter at the age of 7.  This series teaches so many deep spiritual lessons.  The series really follows Joseph Campbell's hero's journey, it's truly a modern myth. 

Oriental Statue

In this book, questions from children and answers given by Zen Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh are compiled.  I love having this book on hand to answer some of life's bigger questions that my children can spring on me. 

Labradorite Stone

A Handful of Quiet

Another great book from Thich Nhat Hanh.  A simple and straight forward guide to teach children meditation.  This book is good for ages toddler and up.  It is even great for adults.  I love the tactile use of rocks and the natural imagery.  

Baby Elephant

Waiting is Not Easy

In this Mo Williams book Piggie teaches Gerald the gift of waiting.  This is a great book for teaching kids about enjoying the present moment. 

Inspiring Podcasts:

Useful Websites: 

  • Enlightenedhood is a wonderful community for moms.  It is a place of real spiritual support. 

  • Eco Parenting is a great resource on how to raise conscious kids. 

  • Looking for a way to know what is in the media your children are using?  Common Sense Media can be helpful with real parent reviews. 

  • Part of raising a conscious or mindful child is helping them navigate emotions.  Brene Brown's list of core emotions is a great resource.  According to her research, these are the emotions children need to be able to recognize in themselves and others as well as be able to articulate them. 

  • If your child seems more sensitive than others, they may be a highly sensitive person.  My children and I are all HSPs. Some of the traits to look for are being particular about textures on clothing, shoes and socks, becoming stimulated by a bath, trouble with sleeping, easily overwhelmed by bright lights, crowds or loud sounds and seeming to need alone time to be recharged.  

  • I recommend Go Zen to anyone who has a child battling anxiety.  The price of the program is fair and the resources given are invaluable. 

  • A Mighty Girl is a wonderful resource to help empower your girl or show your boys how strong and cool girls can be. 

  • PLFAG is a wonderful source for parents with an LGBTQ+ child. 

  • If you have a child who is dating, I recommend educating them on healthy relationships, many teens end up in toxic and abusive relationships.  Loveisrespect is a wonderful source.  

  • RAINN has been around a long time and is here to help you teach your child safety and help you and your child if your child has been sexually assaulted or abused.  

  • Suicide cannot be a taboo topic.  Mental health is serious and is something we need to hlep our children navigate.  For some, adolescence is the roughest time of their life and can feel like it will never end.  Boys Town has resources for you and your children.