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Clearing Your Space: A New Year's Ritual

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A new year invites a new start. Clearing out your space of negative or stagnant energy is the perfect way to begin the year.

This activity can be done alone or with your family. It is a two day activity and will begin on New Year's Eve and then end on New Year's Day. If you stay up until midnight you can do the activities back to back but if not, no worries you can do them separately. These activities are short and won't interfere with your other party plans.

What you will need:

  • A candle: suggested colors are white for a fresh start or red for luck (Chinese tradition).

  • Something to smudge with: could be sage, bay leaf, rosemary, incense, salt water, frankincense oil with water or a selenite wand.

What to do on December 31st:

Crack a window, find the eastern most part of your home and smudge your entire home really focusing on anything negative that happened this year that you would like to be rid of.

For more on smudging watch this short video.

To go deeper: prior to smudging, say goodbye to this year in any way that you choose.

  • You can journal and then burn it.

  • You can pray and thank the Universe for all the lessons you were given.

  • You can meditate and reflect in all that has happened in this year.

  • If you are doing this with your children, you can each talk about something that happened this year that you do not want to happen in the new year.

  • If this year has be particularly rough for you feel free to let yourself vent alone by crying or yelling or just letting the anger out in some safe way.

What to do on January 1st:

Prepare a candle by rubbing essential oils such as frankincense or another one that calls to you on the wax. You can also carve symbols for what you hope for the new year into the candle as well. Neither one is necessary.

Light the candle and make a wish for the new year (aloud) and blow out the candle. Then relight the candle and let it burn down until it goes out on its own.

If you are doing this ritual with others you can have each person wish on the candle or give each person their own candle.

To go deeper into this ritual, try to do something on the first that represents your wish. If your wish is to travel more, take a drive. If it is to make more money, buy a lotto ticket. If it is to find love, write yourself a love letter. Or you can journal about your desire or do a visualization.

Happy New Year!

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