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Coleslaw Done Right

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

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A slaw of East meets West. The Western typically unhealthy salad is made better with some inspiration from Thailand.

In this slaw, East meets West for a yummy salad.


1 head of cabbage

3 organic red mini peppers (or one large one)

1/2 a jalapeño

1/4 of a red onion

1 lemon

1/4 to 1/2 cup of raw honey

Sea salt to taste


A food processor with a mandolin/slicer attachment or a hand mandolin


Run the cabbage, peppers and onion through the food processor to get into a slaw. I like mine on the thicker side, so I set my blade to a medium setting but you do you. You can also buy the cabbage pre-shredded in the store and then slice the rest by hand if you don't have the equipment recommended.

In a bowl, juice the lemon and mix in the honey and 1/2 a tsp of sea salt to make your dressing. Add the slaw to the bowl and massage by hand gently. GENTLY. I make sauerkraut from scratch and all you do is massage cabbage with salt until it shrinks. If you over massage your slaw it will shrink and be very watery, no bueno. You are just trying to coat your slaw with the dressing.

Taste. Then add more lemon, honey or salt to taste but know that the flavor will get stronger as the slaw sits. Let the slaw rest in the fridge at least four hours so that it can really soak up the flavor and the heat of the jalapeño can really set in. All of the flavors intensify so if you are not a fan of heat, put in less jalapeño or leave it out.


I grew up eating coleslaw filled with sugar and mayo, which subtract from the naturally detoxing qualities of cabbage. This slaw is a marriage between the slaw I grew up eating in New Jersey with side salads I have had in Thai restaurants. Raw honey, is filled with a ton of healing properties and tastes amazing. This is also a naturally fat free side, so it is great to add to wraps or sandwiches.


You can sub red pepper flakes for jalapeño or leave the heat out entirely. This is great with a few teaspoons of sesame seeds for added protein. You can also add some diced pineapple to make it even more colorful and fun.

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