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Flexible Pancake or Socca

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

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This pancake variation has cinnamon and chocolate chips cooked in and is served with maple syrup, strawberries and bananas.


Equal parts chickpea/garbanzo flour to water.

Pinch of salt (optional)

Dash of olive oil (optional)

Mix the ingredients together, it may be a little lumpy.

Heat oil or butter in a pan and cook like you would crepes.

Pour the batter in slowly and move the pan around to help it spread out nice and thin.

Flip it carefully.


For savory: You can mix in dried or fresh herbs, pepper or garlic.

For Sweet: You can add cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice, cacao nibs or chocolate chips.


I had to share this with because it is the easiest and most versatile recipe for gluten-free "bread."

For the pancake variation, I will sometimes fill it with jam, apple butter or fresh berries and roll it up like a crepe.

I will make this recipe to have with a soup or stew and use garlic to make a sort of garlic flatbread for dipping.

I often use cilantro and red pepper flakes to use it as a tortilla or wrap.

It is naturally fat-free (if you don't add the oil) and high in fiber. You can also add 1/3 rice flour to 2/3 chickpea flour to make a complete protein. It changes the texture a bit too and makes it more pliable for wraps.

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