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How to Come Home

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The transition from work mindset to home mindset can be difficult for many people. Here are some tips to mindfully transition.

One of the common issues for anyone that works outside of the home is switching from work mode to home mode. If you have children this switch has to be flipped within seconds. Many of us would love to come home and sit quietly for an hour and read until we feel ready to take on the rest of our day but chores and other things demand immediate attention.

Here are some things you can do before you get home to make the transition quick and mindful:

  • If possible before you leave work, take a moment to yourself to take 5 deep belly breaths. Imagine letting the day go. If you don't have private space at work you can also do the deep breaths in the car before driving or while waiting on your train or bus.Alternatively you can head the restroom at work, then wash your hands and imagine the day washing away. You can even say a prayer thanking whoever you pray to for the day and to give you energy for the rest of your day. The idea is to shift your mind to relaxation and home.

  • On the drive or ride home, listen to some awesome tunage. I used to listen to the news on the drive but I would come home in a negative space because of the sad or disturbing news. If you have children in the car you can’t always rock out, but Raffi is at least positive and fun to sing along to. My personal favorites are anything by the following artists: The Beatles, George Harrison, Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin (all kid-friendly). If you have a solo drive you may want to find an uplifting podcast to listen to such as Oprah's Super Soul Conversations.

Once you get home establish a routine that makes you happy.

Some ideas for an at home quick pick me up:

  • Hugging your spouse, kid, or pet. This will bring up your endorphins.

  • Eating a healthy snack to give you some energy

  • Eating a piece of dark chocolate--it has a little caffeine, a little sugar and lights up the happy centers in your brain.

  • Having a cup of tea and really enjoying it.

  • Working out or stretching. Even if you are tired, this will get your blood flowing.

  • Putting on some positive music to lift your mood.

  • Taking a shower--this truly washes away the day.

  • Taking a walk or gardening. Humans need to be outdoors and most of us are inside with artificial light all day.

  • Doing Yoga

  • *Meditating--this is really the best thing to do.

What to avoid doing right away when you get home:

  • Chores of any kind--they can wait 5 minutes, trust me.

  • Engaging in serious conversation.

  • Complaining about your day--it is enough to say I didn’t have a good day I need some time. You don’t need to get into details and relive it all. It has been proven that "venting" brings up all the same bad feelings as when you first lived through the experience.

  • Eating junk food.

  • Drinking alcohol.

  • Laying on the couch or in bed.

  • Watching TV. TV is a low frequency activity, you may feel relaxed but it is because you are not in tune with what is around you...it is numbing.

  • Playing on your phone/computer.

I hope you can have a more refreshing transition home. It is great if you have kids and spouse to be able to set up an at home transition for everyone. For my children, I have them wash their hands, have a healthy snack and tell me about their day. This is a little transition that really helps them come back home from their school day.

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