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Spirit Cards for Kids

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Bringing Spirit Cards into your child's life can be an empowering experience for her or him. Your child will feel more independent be able to practice meditation and other spiritual practices on his or her own. Spirit Cards are cards that can be used for meditation, journaling, prayers, to work through emotions, on altars or vision boards. The cards I bought for my children can be ordered on amazon.

What you'll need:

  • Children's Spirt Animal Cards

  • DIY: You can also make your own (In this case, index cards without lines are best). Your children can make them as well. You can put inspiration quotes, mantras, angels, animals or whatever you think will inspire your child the best.

  • Variation for teens: The Universe Has your Back Deck or another deck that you approve of.

What to do with them:

The cards are wonderful for meditations. You can have your child pull a card at random, study the photo a bit and the message the animal brings. After that, encourage her or him to relax, close their eyes and imagine the animal coming to them. They can let their imagination go and see what happens with that animal.

Another idea, is to pull a card at random and discuss together what the message means. For example, in the photo above, Horse tells us to "Trust Your Feelings". You can discuss what that means together and have your child practice for the week doing just that.

Journaling is great for your older and more introverted child. The child can pull a card, draw a picture and write about what they think the message means.

If you and your family have meditation spaces or altars (see my other post) use the card of the week or day to decorate the altar and be a focus point for goals that are set or mediations for the week. The cards can also be a part of a vision board in the same way.

The book that comes with the deck, has a list of great activities.

Why this is good for kids:

Spirit cards help children who have a hard time focusing on meditation have a focal point of concentration. They can also encourage kids to be more creative and open to mantras as well as praying. Spirt cards give children a way to meditate or pray without technology, your help or books. The cards simplify the experience and give children autonomy on their own mindfulness journey.

Our experience:

We have a family altar and Lucy, my daughter, wanted her own altar in her room about three years ago. Once she had her spot set up she kept looking at my altar and trying to make hers like mine. It was really cute and sweet. She saw my Goddess cards that I have had since I was a teen, and was really interested in them. I did some research and found the Spirit Animal Cards. I loved the pictures, the meanings and the great little book it comes with. I love how the set is just perfect for children and totally secular so it goes with any kind of beliefs you already hold. I love it so much, I already have a set put aside for my son when he's old enough. Well, my daughter took right to the cards and she pulls a card a week to set up on her altar and focus on. It has been a great experience for her. I hope your children love this activity too!

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