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Spring Rituals

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Spring is a time of blossoms, blooms, rebirth and renewal. In this post, I will give you some ideas on how you can tap into such a powerful energy.

Spring is a beautiful time of year. You have unpredictable weather that can feel both a bit winter and a bit summer. You see flowers blooming and baby animals roaming around. Spring is a transitional time that can be both energizing or anxious depending on your state of mind. The equinox marks a time of perfect balance and then after that light begins to take over dark. It is a time our ancestors celebrated because the long hard winter was now behind them and they knew they faced opportunity.

  • So what seeds do you want to sew?

  • What opportunities are you allowing yourself to find?

  • What dreams do you want to begin manifesting?

  • What changes for the better are you seeking?

  • What do you want to see bloom and blossom in your own life?

  • How do you want to use the energy of Spring?

Ask yourself these questions. Spring energy is the strongest of the seasons. It is bursting with a life force that you can ride to make real change in your life.

Here are some ideas of rituals you can do to welcome in Spring:

  • Spring Cleaning can be a way of letting out the stale old energy from your home (and your life). It is as simple as opening up the windows, and cleaning. Put on some music that makes you happy and clean with the intention of getting rid of stagnation. Intention can turn cleaning into something spiritual. When you are done cleaning, walk through the house with some sage or a diffuser and imagine all the darkness or negativity leaving.

  • Wildflower collecting is a wonderful way for you to focus on life and all its possibilities. I personally collect photos of the flowers so as to leave them for the bees and birds. Drive yourself to a place that you can walk around and really observe the changes of nature. Let yourself look at it all with fresh eyes and wonder. Set the intention of trying to stay present and tap into all your senses. Let yourself feel the plants and smell them. Walk slowly and take lots of deep breaths as you go. Before your walk, you can say a mantra like, "I am flower fresh," to help you connect.

  • Planting seeds can be a grounding exercise. If you live some place this isn't possible then purchasing a little houseplant for you to tend to is just as good. You can take the planting a step further by setting an intention on each seed or give one to your new plant, such as "With every seed I plant, I draw more abundance and prosperity my way." Now don't worry if your seeds don't do well or your plant doesn't make it, this doesn't harm your ritual. You can also plant money in the ground for prosperity. You can plant a penny by a strong tree to encourage abundance in your life.

  • A personal ritual I enjoy is going through my closet. I touch each item and wait for that spark of joy. If it doesn't come it gets donated or sent to Thred Up. Then I go through and make a list of items I wan to add my life. I also add the list items I want for the future I am creating. For example, last year I was looking to draw more outdoors time so I focused on clothes for hiking and camping. From there, I take a day alone to shop for these items. It fills my cup and I am able to do it mindfully.

  • Lastly, Spring is a wonderful time for you to examine what in your life you want to grow more of. Is it love, money, stability, happiness? Whatever it is, write a clear vision of you already having more of whatever it is you desire. Then read this vision every day and allow yourself to feel good and happy while you do so. It will only work if you allow yourself to feel good while you read it, speak it or think it. Why? Because you are looking to attract good things in your life and if you feel sad while thinking of these things--they cannot come. Like only attracts like.

I hope this Spring is one of rebirth and renewal for you!

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