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What kind of vitamins do you recommend for kids?

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

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This is a question I get a lot and I have to say, I appreciate that others think of me as both health conscious and a mother who researches. I remember reading in one of Jenny McCarthy's parenting books that all moms earn PhDs in Google from all the searching we do for our children and their ailments. Before we dive in, I will let you know that I do have amazon affiliate links for each product but I see this as no different than one parent texting another parent an amazon link.

I will start out by letting you know my children eat a non-GMO, mostly organic, high fruit, plant based diet. My daughter does not eat any meat or eggs but does eat dairy. My son does not eat eggs but does eat seafood. This does not mean they do not get to have the occasional fast food or pizza. Both of my children can be picky eaters and prefer not to eat vegetables if they can avoid them.

Their health constitutions are very different. My daughter was born a preemie and given antibiotics immediately because the doctors thought she may have meningitis (thankfully she did not) but she did require a surgery in the first two weeks of her life. She only got breast milk for six months and most of it was mixed with formula because of her acid reflux. She tends to catch many colds and viruses. My son was born at almost full term, was breast fed until 18 months and only gets sick sometimes.

Here is a list of supplements, I give to my kids. I should also let you know that I test each of them out myself first--meaning--I take them myself to see what they taste like and if there are any side effects.

General Supplements:

Animal Parade DHA: First, I will tell you that I recommend any and all Animal Parade vitamins except for the Immune Booster because it tastes so awful neither child will take it. Before I had my daughter, I read a lot of parenting books, magazines and blogs. I cannot recall the magazine now but I read an article where various children's' vitamins where tested and Animal Parade came out ahead as being the best choice. Unfortunately, vitamins are not regulated here in the US so there is a lot of concern and anxiety for parents about choosing the right one. I can tell you from experience I have never add any issue with the brand. DHA is something a doctor usually recommends for a pregnant mother to consume for the proper growth of the baby. I took it both pregnancies but realized it had benefits beyond the womb. It aids in brain development, eye development and may help lessen the issues with ADHD. Buy

Animal Parade Vitamin D: We may live in sunny Southern California but most people are vitamin D deficient. I give this vitamin to my children every season except for Summer. It is difficult to get vitamin D from food sources. It helps to strengthen the immune system and keeps it from overreacting during allergies. Get

Animal Parade Vitamin C: I give my kids vitamin C all year long, not just during cold/flu season. Like vitamin D, it strengthens the entire immune system. This vitamin is especially good for traveling to help fight foreign germs and give your children a burst of vitamins when fruit may not be available. Purchase

Supplements just for my 8-year-old:

Hawaiian Spirulina: My daughter has been taking spirulina for two months now. We first started with 1 tablet and now she is at 2 tablets. Now, spirulina is a cleanser so you want to make sure to give it to your children away from other vitamins and medicines. She takes this in the morning and her other vitamins in the evening. It is can also have an energizing effect (not jittery or anything scary), which is another reason to take it in the morning. It is an algae and has many health benefits. It also comes in a powder form for younger children. I haven't started my four-year-old on it yet but plan to. I started my daughter on it to help with her allergies but also the Medical Medium Anthony William says that it is the best thing to help pull heavy metals from the body. Since my daughter has allergies, eczema, and anxiety we have began the spirulina trial. It is also an overall immune booster, which she definitely needs, as well. It is too soon to tell what effect if any it is having. I have been taking it and notice a favorable change in my mood and energy levels. Order

Other than that, I try to get creative with how I get my kids to eat fruits and veggies. We make shakes, we juice, we make fruit salads. I try to always have fresh fruit available at their level and always keep fruit stocked in the freezer. When they were little, I made ice cube trays up with a variety of snacks. I have read that most children, if given a variety of options will feed themselves proper nutrition. The issue we face is a fast-pasted society with a lot of advertisements for convenient unhealthy foods. This is why we need supplements for ourselves and our kids.

Remember, send me your questions on mindful parenting and good luck my friend on this crazy, rewarding and fun journey we call parenting.

My go to for any and all kid health concerns: https://www.askdrsears.com/

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