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Your Sacred Place: Creating an Altar

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

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"Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again." --Joseph Campbell

Your home can be a busy place, especially if you live with others.

An altar is a small sacred space usually used for items that bring a person or group closer to divinity. The altars in a home are personal and do not have to have any religious ties if you do not want them. These altars can truly just be a space where you have a collection of items that aid in your mindfulness. If the word altar has a negative connotation for you then you may use something else like offering place, meditation spot or a term of your own.

I have moved a lot in my life and an altar always helped me feel at home wherever I was. It would be one of the first boxes, I unpacked and I would feel a sense of calm having it all set up. I love having a small sacred spot to keep some spiritual items. My children both have altars on top of their dressers. My daughter enjoys setting hers up and changing it seasonally. She faces it when she meditates. I often catch her in her room just looking at it. She has shared that it makes her feel happy. She loves to go outside on walks to collect small items for her altar.

Before you begin, look around the house. Is there a spot in a room to have a small altar? If not, you may want to find a nice little box, even a small cloth bags will suffice. So what can go on or in an altar? Really anything that has meaning to you, gives you a sense of peace or calm or makes you feel meditative.

Here are some suggestions:

-Sometimes it is helpful to have a scarf, plate or tray (think pretty serving tray) to use to place on top of a dresser or table to make a space for an altar.

-It is nice to have photos of loved ones who have passed or pieces of personal artwork.

-Fresh or dried plants and flowers are nice for color and you can even research the symbolism to make it meaningful.

-Items from nature such as rocks, pinecones, seashells, feathers and vials of sand help us bring the earth to us.

-Jewelry or charms that have meaning to you but you no longer wear are nice on an altar.

-If you use crystals or cards in your healing or meditation this is a good place to keep them.

-This is a great place to keep your sage, essential oils, incense or other items you use to cleanse your home.

-You can change your altar as often as you like and may enjoy changing them seasonally such as flowers in the spring, seashells in the summer, pumpkins in the fall and pinecones in the winter.

-There is no wrong way.

Altars are a simple gesture for you to feel connected to whatever it is you believe in. The altar is a place to focus on the mindfulness path and to help you feel peace in your space. It is a place to ground you, a place to leave your worries, write down your manifestations and to meditate. In fact, this is a good place to keep your manifestations or written prayers.

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