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Rewrite Yourself & Life 

I believe that journaling can be a transformative experience.  It allows you to communicate with yourself and discover your inner thoughts and higher consciousness.  Every week, you will find a new journal prompt to help you go deeper on your spiritual and healing path. For more on journaling read this

It doesn’t matter what time of day you answer your journal.  You can write your answers digitally or in your own handwriting.  If you can, I suggest physically writing. There is something cathartic about writing your own words with your own hand. Feel free to print this page and write in the lines below (but don’t limit yourself to those lines).  Let yourself write unedited and unconcerned about grammar/spelling. This journal is for you.

2020 Journals Prompts:


  • Week Fourteen:  What does it mean to have a fresh start?  How can you give yourself a fresh start?  Where in your life can you lend yourself grace and begin again?  Is there something in your life that you can look at as if you are seeing it for the first time?  Can you step back and simply observe?  

  • Week Thirteen:  When we think of decluttering, we think of getting rid of things that we no longer want or need.  We give away items that no longer serve us or spark joy. But, how can you declutter your mind? What are thoughts, thought patterns or habits that are no longer serving you?  If you can’t think of any, simply observe your thoughts for a day or two and see what you notice. After that, make a list of some of the thoughts you wish to let go of. You can rip up or burn this list, then make a conscious effort to continue to observe your thoughts.  You do not need to police your thoughts, simply notice. When one of the thoughts you wish to let go of pops up, reframe it. For example, “I am always making mistakes,” becomes “I made a mistake and I learn from this.”  

  • Week Twelve:  It is time for us to revisit how we want to feel this year.  What are your 3 to 5 feelings you want to feel?  What is something you can do each day to feel these feelings? We want to attract more of these feelings into our lives by choosing to invite the feelings into our lives.  It can be simply setting aside a little time each day to remember a time you felt this way or day dreaming of things that would cause these feelings.  It can be listening to music, reading a book or watching a film that makes you feel a certain way.  It can be journaling a pretend perfect day where you feel all of these things.  Just keep it light and simple. 

  • Week Eleven:  What does confidence look like?  Bring to mind people or characters who embody confidence.  Or think of characteristics and then jot those ideas down.  What does confidence feel like? Close your eyes and think about what it feels like in your body and list those feelings.  When is a time you felt or appeared confident? Write down that experience. I don’t believe in fake it till you make it but how can you help yourself feel more confident in all areas of your life?  Can you use the lists from this prompt to help build your confidence?

  • Week Ten:  Do you consider yourself to be creative?  What if I were to tell you that we are all creative?  It’s true, you just have to notice yours. Make a list of creative things you enjoy (it doesn’t mean you have to be good at it, just enjoy).  How can you make room in your life for more of these things? Make a commitment this week to doing one creative thing.



  • Week Nine:  Do you trust yourself?  Take time to really reflect on this.  Then think of a time when you had a gut feeling or intuition that you didn’t listen to, what happened?  Then write about a time when you did listen to that inner voice or intuition. Everyone has intuition, how can you listen to yours more? 

  • Week Eight:  How do you nourish your spirit?  Your soul? Your heart? Your mind?  Your body? Make a list of ways you can nourish yourself.  Keep the ideas simple and easy. Then commit to doing (at least) one act of nourishment a day for yourself for the next week. 

  • Week Seven:  Is there someone in your life that does not respect your boundaries?  Write this person a letter (that you do not have to send) telling them how you feel and how you wish they would treat you instead.  What are some things you can do to help truly reinforce your boundaries with them?  Make a list of possible solutions.  

  • Week Six:  Boundaries are invisible lines that protect our personal space.  They keep our energy from being drained and our hearts from being used by others.  What are your boundaries?  Who do you let in and who do you wish to keep out?  How do your boundaries affect your relationships?  How do you enforce your boundaries?  Reflect on your boundaries or lack there of.  


  • Week Five:  Grounding is the practice of connecting yourself to the earth and present moment.  It is a practice of working towards balance.  What does grounding mean to you?  How can you help yourself put down roots and feel more stable and steady?  What is a practice you can put into place? 

  • Week Four:  What in your life is causing you to feel overwhelmed?  Be honest with yourself. Overwhelmed comes from worry and stress.  What worries or stresses are contributing to your current feelings of overwhelm?  Make a list. Now free write to see if you can find the root or the beginning of this current overwhelmed feeling.  What is the opposite of overwhelmed? How can you bring yourself closer to that feeling?  

  • Week Three:  Going back to week one, we explored how we want to feel this year.  Last week, we explored fears that stand in our way. What are some fears that are blocking you from feeling your best?  Write down each of your feelings that you chose (from week one). Then underneath each feeling, list fears or worries you have surrounding this feeling.  For example, if one of your feelings is loved but you have a fear of being unlovable that is something you need to explore.  Next, reflect on how to release these fears.  You do not have to solve how to release your fears today or even tomorrow,  this is only the beginning of our process. Give yourself grace. 

  • Week Two:  What is one fear that you have held onto since childhood?  Can you trace where and when this fear was born? How can you release this fear, or at least minimize it?

  • Week One:   List 3 to 5 emotions or ways you want to feel this year.  Draw a symbol for each one and describe why you want to feel this way.  Assign each feeling a color and keep the list with you or tuck it away where you can revisit it.